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Salem GIS Data Download

GIS Information:
GIS Overview and ArcExplorer download ESRI GIS page.
Projection Information:
Salem maintains all data in State Plane NAD83, Utah Central Zone, US Survey Feet Coordinates (Horizontal Datum) and NAVD88 (Vertical Datum)

Planning Data
Zoning Layer
General Plan Layer
City Boundaries Layer
Subdivisions Layer
Annexation Plan Layer
Address Buildings Layer
Parcels Layer
Trails Plan Layer
Preliminary Features Layer
Concept Features Layer

Transportation Data
Roads Layer
Major Roads Layer
Highways Layer

Utility Data
Water Layers
Pressurized Irrigation Layers
Sewer Layers
Storm Layers
Power Layers

General Data (Property, Facilities, Etc)
Parks Layer
Streams Layer
Water Bodies Layer
School Property Layer
Churches Layer
Public Facilities Layer
Contours Layer (NGVD29)
Address Grid Layer
Address Grid CAD Layer

Salem City makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy,
completeness, or usefulness of these maps. Salem City assumes no
liability for direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting
from the use or misuse of these maps or any of the information contained herein.
It is recommended that this data not be used for any design work whatsoever.
Portions may be copied for incidental uses, but may not be resold.